MLML SBD Monitoring Station
Small Boat Dock Montitoring Station

Instrumentation Package: Seabird SBE26 calibrated 12/03/08
 Instrument removed 10/19/10. Historical data available here.

MLML SBD Monitoring Station
Seawater System Monitoring Station
Temperature Sensor: Weed Instrument 5A00A1
Dissolved Oxygen Sensor: Oxyguard 840
Sample Date: Tuesday June 21, 2016
Sample Time: 11:14:58 PST
Temperature: 11.4 degrees Celsius
Dissolved Oxygen: 159 micromole/L
Note: The intake for the seawater system is at ~16 meters depth

Water Conditions for the last 7 days
Historical Data Link for Seawater System Monitoring Station