Weather Conditions as of Monday January 18, 2021 12:22:00 PST
Latitude: 36.80040° N, Longitude: 121.78842° W
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Wind Speed:1.40 m/s (2.72 knots)
Wind Direction:18° True
Wind Vectors:
Wind Compass:NNE
Air Temperature:72.32° F (22.40° C )
Dew Point:27.86° F (-2.30° C )
Atmospheric Pressure:1009.30 mbar (29.80 in. Hg )
Relative Humidity:18.0%
Rainfall:0.0 inches today
Hourly Rainfall
Cumulative Rainfall (since Oct. 1, 2018):1.71 inches
PAR:1029 micromoles s-1 m-2